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The evaluation and purchase of used woodworking machines is one of our main activities. As a contractor you have to be able to react flexibly to the requirements at all times. Often changes in production, changes in the machine and tool equipment, or simply increased space requirements for the storage of material or production space are necessary. At ABDAX you get a well-founded evaluation of your used machine based on the market conditions. We can act flexibly to change processes and thus quickly decide the appropriate marketing channel.

Trade-in of second-hand machines

A new investment is comping up, but where to put the used machine? - No problem - When making a new investment, you can only feel comfortable if the delivery of the new machine and the collection of the used machine are agreed with one partner. We coordinate all processes and thus ensure that your new investment runs smoothly. For you this means:

Easy purchse transaction

If you sell a machine it also has to do with trust, reliability and partnership. With a sale to ABDAX, you put the entire process into one hand. We are fully equipped for smooth dismantling, loading and removal of the machine technology. You can also read about this in our service. For you this means:

Marketing and Sale from place-to-place

Especially with larger systems, it can be advisable to market the machine from the production site. On one hand, this saves any re-commissioning for demonstration purposes, as well as any storage costs. In addition, interested parties can inspect the system in the current production environment. We can find suitable prospective buyers through our extensive network. For you this means:

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