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STROMAB - Design & Tech

STROMAB ist ein bekannt für die stabile, hochwertige Fertigung von Zuschnittmaschinen bis hin zu automatischen..... (weiterlesen)

Bohr- und Eintreibmaschinen

OMAL Bohr- und Eintreibmaschinen sind hochmoderne, flexible und prozesssichere CNC gesteuerte Anlagen zum.........(weiterlesen)

Easy PUR

PUR Verleimung mit dem Easy PUR Verleimteil auf Ihrer vorhandenen Kantenanleimmaschine, einfach, wenig Wartung... (weiterlesen)

With the increasing complexity of the work processes in woodworking partnership relationships with both customers and suppliers are becoming more and more important. Both supplier and customer can rely on us for the highest possible level of commitment in terms of targeted product and application advice. We expect high-performance machines and products from our suppliers that prove itselv in daily use for the benefit of our customers. At the same time, we make the greatest possible effort in on-site service.

The latter is also of essential importance for our customers. That is why we offer our in-house service for all machines in our portfolio. If a manufacturer technician and our service employee can still be deployed when the new machine is commissioned, we and our staff are always close to the customer afterwards.