4668 BIESSE ROVER A-S CNC – Working Center

BIESSE ROVER A-S 1332 UTS CNC - Bearbeitungszentrum - verkauft -

Technical data:


Artr.-No.: 4668
Type: ROVER A-S 1332 UTS
Year: 2012
Masch.-Nr.: 59966

Working dimensions:
X - axis: 3,280 mm
Y - axis: 1,320 mm
Z - axis: 170 mm

Work table:
6 workpiece supports, each with 3 vacuum suction cups
6 rear workpiece stops, lowerable via program, installed
in one edition each
6 front workpiece stops, can be lowered via program,
installed in one support each, positioned approx. 970 mm in
seen behind 2 + 2 side workpiece stops 4 lifting rails, pneum. Can be lowered via program Positioning heavy workpieces

Vacuum pump 90 cbm/h

Processing units:
Drill head BH 17 L with:
10 vertical drilling spindles, each individually accessible
2+2 horizontal drilling spindles in the X direction

Groove saw, diam. 120 fixed in the X direction

Milling spindle 13.2 kW, ISO 30
Rotation speed 1,000 - 24,000 rpm
Turn right left

C - axis 360 degrees for adapter units

12-fold tool magazine

Safety devices:
* Step mats in front of the machine
* Protective grille on the side, right with access door

XP 600 control with NC HOPS 6 programming

Other accessories available
Horizontal milling unit can be swiveled

BIESSE Rover A CNC Bearbeitungszentrum für Holz
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