4625 BIESSE Brema EKO 2.1 – CNC-Working Center

BIESSE Brema EKO 2.1 CNC - Working Center

Year 2020


Art.-Nr. 4625

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Working dimensions:
Workpiece length max. 3,200 mm
Workpiece width max. 900 mm
Workpiece thickness max. 60 mm
smallest workpiece 200 x 35 x 8 mm

Feed system with 2 independently positioned Collets,
position optimization of the collets via software

Workpiece transport after completion of processing either back to the infeed or in the direction of the outfeed for acceptance at the machine rear

Laser-based detection system for the front and rear edges of the workpiece to compensate for workpiece length tolerances

Photocell-based workpiece width detection system to compensate for workpiece width tolerances

Milling unit
Power 4.5kW
before automatic tool change
Recording ISO 30 with collet

Automatic tool change magazine with 8 tool places,
also suitable for processing units

drilling head:
14 drilling spindles for surface drilling
Drilling spindles individually controllable
pitch 32 mm
maximum tool diameter 35 mm
3+3 drilling spindles in the X direction for
drilling in the Workpiece edge front and back
1+1 drilling spindles in the Y-direction for
drilling into the edge

Groove saw unit fixed in the X direction, e.g. for rear wall grooves

Control with BIESSE WORKS

Adapter unit for CLAMEX connections