4615 Schwabedissen CNC - Routing Center - DOUBLE HEAD


Y.o.m.: 2008


Art.-Nr. 4615

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CNC routing center in portal design, with 2 mobile pallet tables

Dimensions per pallet table
Length 2,500mm
Width 1,600mm

Table with vacuum connections for connecting and setting up routing templates

Pallet tables move independently or synchronously in the Y direction

2 pcs. CNC-controlled milling spindles running independently
of each other, moving in the X direction.
Each milling head:
Power 7.5 KW S1,
Infinitely variable speed 1,500 - 18,000 rpm
C-axis for adapter units rotating 360 degrees
Spindle water-cooled

Furthermore for each head:
1 tool magazine for automatic tool change, disk changer design

The working possibilities of the milling spindles:
* Parallel operation: 1 spindle each on a table at identical workpiece
* Parallel operation: Both spindles on one table, at identical workpiece
* Alternating operation on a workpiece: While one
spindle changes the tool, the other mills on the workpiece

Other equipment:
* Safety mats around the two processing tables.
Execution alternating allocation
* Rear protective fencing with access door

Control System:
NUM control
ALPHA-CAM and COBUS N-CAD post processors available