4607 BRANDT KDF 670 Edge Banding Machine

BRANDT KDF 670 Edge Banding Machine with Return system

Year 2004


Art.-Nr. 4607

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Single-sided edge banding machine with jointing,
grooving and copying, for the processing of EVA hot-melt adhesives

Technical specifications:
Edge thickness 0.4 - 12 mm
Workpiece thickness 8 - 60 mm
Roll separation 3 x 45 mm or 0.8 x 65 mm
feed 14 m/min. without copying, 11 m/min. with copying

Machine length approx. 6,860 mm

Infeed guide automatically adjustable via program

Pre-milling unit with 2 motors 2.2 KW
both motors pneumatically jumping

Hot melt glue application with QUICKMELT premelting container
Pressure zone automatically adjustable via program

Snipping unit with 2 motors a 0.35 KW
automatically via a program from bevel trimmings to straight
trimmings adjustable

Edge milling unit with 2 motors a 0.55 KW,
for flush milling, chamfer milling, or radius milling
Automatic package for adjusting the side tracing via program

Grooving unit with 1 motor 1.5 KW
Grooves or rebate milling in the workpiece surface from below
with on/off control
e.g. for rear walls

Contour milling unit with 2 motors a 0.35 KW
Pneumatic on/off control

Profile scraper unit with pneum. on-off control

Flat scraping unit
Buffing unit

Various accessories and spare parts available

Other equipment:
* Anti-stick-solvent application at the inlet
* Detergent application on the outlet
* Motorized height adjustment of the top pressure via program

Control PC 16 with color graphic user interface

Machine data as of July 2022
Total hours: 10,002

Return conveying system LIGMATECH ZHR 01/R/065
Workpiece conversion takes place with lifting rakes
Workpiece turning device not in operation