4594 BRANDT KD 78-CF Edge Banding Machine

BRANDT KD 78-CF Edge Banding Machine

Y.o.m. 2000

Masch.-Nr.: 0-261-06-0450

Art.-Nr. 4594

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One-sided edge banding machine for hot-melt adhesive gluing.

Standard equipment with edge and workpiece distance monitoring by means of an optical display.

Heavy pressure zone with driven, pneumatically operated
Main pressure roller and 2 free-running pressure rollers.

Centrally adjustable top pressure

Integrierte Streckensteuerung zur berührungslosen Steuerung
von Bearbeitungsfunktionen, einstellbar über Tastatur und

Integrated line control for contactless control
of editing functions, adjustable via keyboard and

Edge thickness 0.4 - 8 mm
feed 11 m/min
Workpiece thickness 8 - 50 mm
Workpiece width min. 65 mm

Aggregate equipment:
Infeed ruler adjustable

Pre milling unit 2 x 2.2 kW, 200 Hz
to attach in front of the glued part
electropneumatic control horizontal

Quickmelt glue application

Finely dosed glue application to the workpiece, using glue roller,
no adjustment to work piece required.
Direction of rotation of the glue roller either
synchronous or counter-rotating.
Glue temperature monitoring using a thermostat.

Infrared hot melt reactivation

Automatic edge magazine for rolls and fixed lengths,
including roller plate, diam. 800 mm, equipped with
stronger pre-cutting scissors for thick PVC/ABS max. 3 x 45 mm.

Snipping unit chamfer / straight
2 motors each 0.35 kW, 200 Hz
Pivoting range 0 - 15 degrees
Pneumatic adjustment

Milling unit 2 x 0.55 kW, 0 - 25 degrees
for flush trimming of the upper and lower edge material
Digital counters for quick adjustment
Edge thickness max. 8 mm

Contour milling unit with 2 motors, each 0.35 kW
for milling head edges at the top and bottom,
at the front and at the back

Profile Scraping unit

Buffing unit with 2 motors, each 0.09 kW

Noise protection hood including central dust extraction