4537 MAYER PS 9 Z Panel Sizing Saw

MAYER PS 9 Z Panel Sizing Saw

y.o.m. 1996

Masch. Nr.

Art.-Nr. 4537

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Machine with PC - Control

Cutting length: 4.200 mm

Central dust extraction at the pressure beam.

Material slide: movement 5,500 mm
AC servo motor, drive through teeth bars.

Double wheel conveyors
Angle table on the left side to front 2,000 x 600 mm
in air cushion design,
Alignment bar 2.000 mm to front, 650 mm to the rear

3 tables 2,000 x 600 mm
fixed mounted in air cushion design in front

7 package clampers, 1 - 4 from alignment bar liftable, Double finger design

Alignment pressure device behind the pressure beam 20-1200 mm

Main saw blade 355 x 4.4 x 30 mm, Z = 72
Scoring saw blade 200 x 4.4 to 5.6 Z = 34 k

Cutting height max. 95 mm
max. saw blade protrusion 105 mm
Saw motor power 9 kW
Feeding saw carriage 5 - 60 m / min.

Postforming device for cutting strands and worktops

Optimization program for ARDIS office workplaces